File Storage Systems available Online

Saving files on the internet will surely be important to you. For those who do not use the internet very seriously, it is a way to have a backup if something unpleasant happens to your computer. If you use the internet on the job, you can serve to view and edit your documents at any time.

But the question remains: what services do you use to leave your files online? The internet has several, each for a need that you may have. The Guide shows some of the most popular out there. You can also get in touch with best cloud solutions company in Singapore for more information.

Google Docs

As the name already says, the service is primarily dedicated to those who need documents always at their disposal. But even with the little space provided (1GB, for free), it can also store other types of files, and it also has other functions such as preview images and even compressed files such as .zip.

Its file sharing system is quite complete, and can work integrated with Google accounts, most likely the person who needs to see your file has. And yes, you who have a Google account can use this account to sign in to Google Docs.

Synchronizing files with computers does not exist natively, but can be done using Joukuu or other tools like these from here.


Dropbox has its strong point in file synchronization: it has native applications that do this for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and most smartphones as well. You even get to call a personal and create a folder with your favorite images, videos, or files, which are always available, whatever platform you’re using.

The 2 GB that it provides at first may seem little, but if you persuade a friend to also register there, you can have up to 11 GB without paying anything. And it also has a public folder for you to simply play whatever you want to share with the world without getting configuring the files one by one.

Windows Live SkyDrive

 The SkyDrive impresses by its storage capacity: they are 25 GB. But this is only for those who simply want to save files online. Those who need to synchronize them between computers have Live Mesh, which uses synchronization in only 5 of the 25GB available in SkyDrive. It can also be interesting for those who use Office, since the files saved by it can be automatically sent to SkyDrive.

You use SkyDrive by logging in with your Windows Live account, and it is based on those accounts that the sharing works. But do not worry; probably your friend also has a registration, since it is the same as MSN. Or you can also share files by email.

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