All you need to know about Cloud Computing

The personal computer keeps memorable photos, jobs, official documents, contracts, etc. In a company, IT infrastructure stores internal and external data, including reports, customer information, privacy policy, restricted files, and a host of key information for the institution. More information about Cloud Hosting Plans may help you more.

Losing this information, regardless of type, is a mix of frustration and trouble, causing delays in strategies, sales, and deliveries to possible downtime to try to recover the database.

As a way to prevent disasters, cloud computing is an increasingly popular option, keeping pace with Big Data’s steady growth and ensuring information security; a blend of protection and practicality.

What is cloud storage?

Until a few years ago, the on-premise technology for data storage was very common. That is, the installation of media and physical devices to keep internal and external information stored, with access only by equipment previously authorized and programmed.

Currently, cloud computing has become a server alternative for digital jobs and offerings, differentiating itself with features such as:

  • System connected to the internet of remote access;
  • Service without specific installation;
  • Ideal for data storage and sharing;
  • Good option to optimize the structure in IT without big expenses;
  • With access by various equipment (from the authorization of users) to work on shared information;
  • Security guaranteed through its encrypted and protected development.

With the online environment as a working foundation, the cloud storage service has become an alternative to data loss prevention, including physical media failures.

Computing Cloud

For this, the backup can be carried out according to the user’s programming, which opts for the manual or automatic form, covering all the active periods of the company.

Regardless of the storage method, the basis of cloud backup is the digital environment targeting, saving information in hosting services without relying on IT installations, physical media, equipment, or prior structuring

How to take advantage of Cloud Computing?

The technology has gained adherence over the years, already present in large companies that use cloud computing, such as Netflix in its streaming system, Uber based on its cloud services and Google itself, which in addition to using the environment in the cloud, offers services like the Google Cloud Platform .

For this variation, it is worth remembering that there are certain forms of cloud environment:

Public cloud:

Services are offered from the fully virtualized and already available environment, very good for companies that want to expand their infrastructure and use Software as a Service (SaaS) without major expenses.

Private Cloud:

The private cloud is an enterprise-unique environment, a private virtual data center, very useful for composing servers between branches, for example. Its access is still focused on storage, flexibility, security and features equal to the public cloud, but with exclusive access.

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